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Welcome to IAUGT Biblical Courses!

This page has been specifically designed to provide you with additional study resources that will further your education in spiritual matters, resulting in a greater understanding of biblical truths. Moreover, the following resources will serve as a study guide when you are connected and participating in our weekly online teaching session, which is normally held on Thursday at 6 p.m. (PST) and 9 p.m. (EST). Simply click on the desired subject(s) listed below.

Please contact Dr. Gloria Foward for the teleconference dial-in number at gifoward@hotmail.com.

Dr. Juanita O’Layo: The DoveGate Ministries School of Theology (DGM)

  1. Spiritual Warfare Module #1
  2. Spiritual Warfare Module #2
  3. Spiritual Warfare Module #3
  4. Spiritual Warfare Module #4

Bishop Dr. William B. Smith, Sr.

  1. The Language of Intercessory Prayer
  2. Gifts of The Holy Spirit
  3. Spiritual Inventory Review

Overseer Dr. Gloria J. Foward: President, International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth (IAUGT)

  1. The Essence and Attributes of Jesus Christ Part I
  2. Attributes of Jesus The Christ Prayer Part II
  3. Progressive Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Only One and True God

Bishop Dr. Frank McAvor

  1. Our Apostolic Faith: A Course in Apostolic Doctrine

Pastor Courtney Johnson

  1. Part I – Prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication (A.C.T.S.)
  2. Part II – Prayer: Binding and Loosing
  3. Part III – Prayer: Strongholds
  4. Areas of Character Development In The Life of A Christian Leader
  5. Principles

Bishop Dr. Michael Blue

  1. Secondary Leadership: An Underestimated Key to Success
  2. Kingdom of God Part I & II (Audio)
  3. Release The Offence Part I (Video)
  4. Release The Offence Part II (Video)
  5. Release The Offence Part III (Video)
  6. Release The Offence Part IV (Video)
  7. Release The Offense Part V (Video)
  8. Release The Offense Part VI (Video)

Bishop Dr. Willie J. Moore

  1. Preparing For Leadership & Student Outline
  2. Effective Leadership & Student Outline
  3. Homiletics: How To Preach and Teach The Bible & Student Outline and Syllabus
  4. Character of an Excellent Minister Part I & Student Outline
  5. Character of an Excellent Minister Part II & Student Outline
  6. Developing Self-Discipline & Student Outline
  7. Character of a Good Solider & Student Outline
  8. A Hunger for The Word – A Video Teaching Series

Dr. Norma Barnett

  1. Part I God Loves Abused Women
  2. Part II Abusive Family

District Elder Rohn Richardson

  1. Armor of A Good Soldier

District Elder Donald & Evangelist LeVonne Stone

  1. Ministry of Deliverance
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