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Course Reviews

Listed below are real reviews from real students who are participants in our online biblical courses. Their comments are provided for your edification and to glorify God in every way. Our online courses are listed here.

Bishop Dr. Willie J. Moore – Lemon Grove, CA

The teaching on Spiritual Warfare Module #1, facilitated by Dr. Juanita O’Layo, was clear and to the point. Considering our present time and the constant struggles we face, the lesson served to awaken the believer to the reality of demonic warfare, and the fact that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil! Excellent teaching by a dynamic and sincere servant of the Lord.

Dr. Juanita O’Layo – Pittsburg, CA

This was and is a tremendous (acronym) stratagem that most definitely empowers the Body of Christ to pray effectively!

Since then, I have shared this way of praying with two different groups of students as we have begun a new Bible Study group on the Book of Acts, and it continues to be of great empowerment for both students and myself. I sincerely appreciate having this well thought-out method that is a help for us all to reach a greater dimension in prayer. It is truly a blessing!

Evangelist Maxine Adkins – Mississauga, Canada

Course Review – Prayer – Part I

Prayer – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

The key to unlocking the secrets of successfully living for the Lord Jesus Christ is prayer.  Dr. Johnson clearly outlined steps to effectively approach the Lord through Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.  A.C.T.S. is used as a means to assist us in covering the basic principles of prayer.  Communication with Christ is accomplished through prayer.  Dr. Johnson shared that many approach God constantly repenting and asking for things.  While the aforementioned is scriptural, we must worship God in praise and thanksgiving for his many blessings to us.  In order for the believer to progress we must maximize the time in the presence of God so clear instruction can be given to us.  The PowerPoint presentation solidified many key points expressed in the lesson.

Course Review – Prayer – Part II

Prayer – Binding and Loosing

As a follow-up to Prayer Part I, Prayer Part II clearly illustrates the authority and power of the church through prayer.  Dr. Johnson explained clearly the term of being bound, whether through obligation, through marriage or together in the Lord.  This is crucial in understanding what you are bound to.  As believers and being bound to Christ we must realize that the demonic powers recognize who we are.  Dr. Johnson emphasized this is why when you go into certain arena’s amongst people you have never met, the spirit of the world that they are bound to recognizes and rises up against the spirit of God within you.  Our presence can put the enemy to flight and cast out evil spirits once we believe in the authority God has given us.  Matthew 18:18-19 “whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”.  The PowerPoint presentation solidified many key points expressed in the lesson.

Course Review – Strongholds – Part III

A.C.T.S. of Pushing through Prayer

Dr. Johnson demonstrated many examples of believers yoked with strongholds.  As the people of God observe the times we are clearly in the last days.  It is imperative that those who embrace Christ be baptized and filled with the holy-ghost.  We must aggressively go after strongholds, especially those of the mind.  We magnify our imaginations and experience battles of the mind.  As a stronghold is defined as a spiritual, emotional or behavioural problem it is our duty to aggressively pull down strongholds.  It is crucial that strongholds be dealt with expediently otherwise we leave room for evil to enter.  Negative comments made towards you can only be effective once you allow it.  Your spiritual life should be intact as we are the head and not the tail as illustrated in Deuteronomy 28:13. The PowerPoint presentation solidified many key points expressed in the lesson.

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